Recruitment Agency — Why the need?

Recruitment Agency. Two words that quite often get an eye roll, a swear word or a “I hate..” when mentioned in the walls of a business or by candidates who have been used and abused by an agency or three. It’s become apparent that there are many in the recruitment industry who haven’t got a clue, sell sell sell, don’t do a lot or promise the earth and deliver..nothing.

It’s a shame as it’s not always deserved (some definitely is) but whether public perception actually reflects the recruitment reality truthfully it doesn’t change the fact that for most job seekers, business owners or hiring managers out there that turning to recruitment agencies is still a thing. Employers fully recognise the value of top talent, they need to hire individuals who are suited to the job and the culture of the organisation. Quite often employers are competing with one another for the most skilled and experienced staff.

So what exactly is the benefit of a recruitment agency to help hire professionals and secure this top talent? And what’s so special that you can’t just do all this in-house?

Well they do have some tekkers..

The ability to identify the talent and the best available — Agencies are statistically more likely to access the best job-seekers on the market both active and passive. They are ideally placed to be ‘in the know’ and operate as an intermediary between the two parties. The knowledge a good recruitment consultant possess will avoid a bad hire so it can be extremely valuable; they know who is looking for work, how capable they are, and what sort of a salary expectations people have. By learning their employers’ requirements and goals will mean they can source talented individuals who are capable of actually doing the job and doing the job well.

Time Saving — Never enough hours in the day for most and recruitment is something that takes and needs time. There is so many elements to recruitment. Candidate screening. Vacancy Advertising. Interviewing. Salary negotiation. A recruiter will cover all these aspects and more. Returning a quicker turnaround on filling the vacancies.

Understanding the Market — They understand the market for your specific profession. Things such as, how great the demand is, where is the demand geographically and what would the best approach for the vacancy.

Employee of the Month — Agencies usually offer a security buffer to protect the client, in which the client are guaranteed that the new employee will stay for a certain period of time. If the newly hired employee is terminated during this guarantee period, it is common for a recruitment agency to find a replacement option at their own expense. It gives confidence that the perfect employee can be secured.


The recruitment game isn’t a difficult one but its involved. Recruitment agencies are needed and good one’s do exist. A good agency will know the company they are representing and the candidate you’re targeting and the industry you’re recruiting for. It not only helps build trust by building credibility, but also ensures that they aren’t wasting your time reaching out or presenting candidates who don’t even remotely resemble the requirements for a particular requisition.

Good recruiters know that successful outcomes are inexorably intertwined — and that genuinely caring about candidates and clients pays off. If they realize that the outcome of a placement fee is not the sole importance but of placing the perfect candidate into the perfect role, then they are recruiting for the right reasons. You know a good agency if they define their success by the success of their candidates and recurring business from clients.

So be rest assured they aren’t going anywhere and if you find a recruiter who follows the above there will be no more eye rolling, bad mouthing or swearing. Just need.

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