What Does Your Recruitment Process Say About You?

Recruitment needs and processes are shifting just as rapidly as candidate expectations. Candidates are also more selective than ever before – especially the younger generation and Gen Z.

Think about it, is your recruiting process set-up to engage and convert the great talent of today?

In today’s world, the needs of businesses and candidates are as varied and dynamic as the job market itself. Recruitment needs and processes are shifting just as rapidly as candidate expectations. Candidates are also more selective than they used to be – especially the younger generation. While most companies face candidate shortages, competing to engage and convert great talent, searching for more diversity, and seeking to fill new and evolving roles with growing skill sets – candidates are seeking more transparency, meaningful experiences, greater communication, and deeper company education. Organizations must be equipped to engage good candidates and hire the right people.

So where do businesses go wrong at times with recruitment?

The Three C’s! Clarity, consistency and culture are crucial for potential candidates.

52% of job seekers place lack of response from employers (or recruiters!) as the number one frustration during the job search. Job adverts that display salary information are 66% more likely to generate an application then without one. However, when receiving an offer where the contract terms do not align with the salary listed this can completely switch a candidate off. Company culture is now more important than ever. Failure to display a progressive attitude to work-life balance could also be the ultimate turn-off for a potential hire. Some even believing it is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction. It is also important to note that since the pandemic, remote working is also high on the list of desires when job searching. Many people are reluctant to accept roles involving a long commute, so, if your business cannot offer a flexible approach to work, it is highly likely your top candidates will seek it elsewhere.

And in what ways can your recruitment process be improved?

A candidate will gain their first impression of your business by checking it out online before even thinking about applying. So, if your online presence is inconsistent, incomplete, or out of date, people are unlikely to view your organization as a suitable match. From your website and social channels to the job ad itself, making sure it is well written, accurate, and demonstrates a positive company culture this will go a long way to reassuring a potential employee. Quality online reviews and feedback from current or past employees are vital, it is essential to build a positive working environment and reputation to prove how great your business is to work for.

The three C’s seem so simple, yet so many get it so wrong. The world is a non-stop place, and everything evolves over time, recruitment and its procedures most certainly have. Through refinement of your recruitment and onboarding processes, your pool of available candidates will expand significantly. It is well worth investing in the correct processes to get your recruitment right the first time.

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